Destination weddings are an opportunity for couples to celebrate their marriage at an exotic resort away from home. Our clients make use of sensational locations around the world to get married. Destination weddings can be in different forms ranging from an intimate ceremony involving only the couple, to the ones limited to close family and friends, or a grand affair involving a large guest list.

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We are a company that specializes in destinations weddings. We understand how significant this decision is for you and your love. You can trust our wedding expertise to match you with the perfect resort to host your incredible wedding week! When you and your travel group book with us, the bride and groom receive complimentary airline tickets from DestaWed!





1Is A Destination Wedding Right For You?
For most people, having their close family and friends present at their wedding is very important. So before you commit to a destination wedding, one of the things you must do is to find out if your loved ones are going to be okay with it. In a situation where you have guests that aren't able to make it, you can decide to go in favor of an intimate destination wedding, then plan a reception back home so that your loved ones who could not attend can also be part of the celebration. Also, your choice of destination can also affect who is able to attend. For example, if your location is too luxurious, a number of guests might not be able to make it. So, when picking a wedding location, the guest list should be considered.
2When Should You Consider Planning?
When it comes to securing the best travel rates, you should start planning between 9 to 15 months in advance. You can however plan an exquisite wedding within a few months. We encourage and advise couples to start early especially with large weddings.
3What Are The Legal Requirements Involved In Planning A Destination Wedding?
Before planning a destination wedding you have to find out about the legal requirements for getting married in the destination of your choice. For most countries a marriage license application and means of identification like birth certificate or passport will suffice. These are the types of details that our certified Destination Wedding Specialists with their extensive knowledge are happy to take you through.
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