Preliminary Consultation

At DestaWed, we have an array of services from which you can choose from, so your first step is to figure out which of our services will be beneficial to you. First and foremost, we’ll provide you with a general summary of our entire process and in so doing help you choose the service best suited to your needs. If you’re planning a destination wedding, then DestaWed is the right choice for you. We have any service you require, from full service wedding panning to deeply discounted travel services, we offer it all. Our job is to ensure that you have a romantic and stress-free wedding at a very affordable rate!

Booking Your Travel

We have in-house travel agents to take care of all your special travel arrangements including confirming your group bookings. Your guests have the convenience to use the booking form on our website to make deposits and payments towards flights, hotels and transfers! Our consultants work round the clock to ensure that your needs are not neglected.

Online Wedding Website

If you require online presence for your wedding, DestaWed will host your own personal wedding website. With the website, we’ll ensure that your guests are updated with all the necessary information in regards to the wedding. The website will include events dates, wedding pictures, and much more!.

Planning The Wedding

At DestaWed, we’ll help you plan your ideal wedding! All you have to do is share your vision with us and we’ll make it a reality. Be it a romantic sunset wedding, or a culturally traditional wedding, our job is to make it happen. We’ll coordinate the whole affair and provide you with a variety of options to choose from.

Wedding Coordinator

We have a well trained staff that’ll be in operation on your wedding day. We’ll take care of every single detail so that you can have a memorable day wedding without having to worry about any of the details.

Extra Functions

If you have additional functions for your group, DestaWed can also help you plan it. The functions could be before or after the wedding, just give us the details, and we’ll get to it. Regardless of what it is, be it a religious ceremony, a private dinner, or bridal shower, we’ll take care of all the arrangements.